About Us

Welcome to Digital Citizen a South African Security awareness Blog.

My name is Richard Asprey, I have worked in the IT industry for over 10 years. One thing that I have always been passionate about in IT is security related issues. There are so many scams out there, from Tech Support calls from so called Microsoft Technicians informing you about issues on your computer, to phishing emails and ransomware.

Ransomware for me is one of the biggest threats I face as an IT consultant. 90% of our clients have been infected with ransomware and I believe the best way to stop ransomware is through education. This is one of the goals of creating this blog.

As a Citizen in the Digital world I feel it is my duty to help create awareness and educate people about this new digital socially connected world we live in. How often do we share on social media information that is not true, the facts are biased towards one side or it is blatant misinformation. I believe it’s important to validate before sharing, recently there was a WhatsApp voice note going around informing Johannesburg residents about a major storm warning. One key thing missing from this voice note was it was not dated, later it did come out that this was an old warning.

If you have any examples or experiences you would like to share please drop me an email in the comment section.